Basic conditions for keeping quails [07-05-2014]

   The layout of facilities is optional, unless you plan a large quail farm. Quails can be reared both in a household farm and in an apartment, as long as the site conditions match the requirements for quail welfare. Air temperature in the quail cage facilities should be always positive – from +19 till +22 degrees in Celsius. The ventilation system should be installed, so that fresh air always circulates in the facilities – one kilogram of quail live weight should receive 1,5 – 5 cubic metres per hour. Yet, the poultry should not be exposed to draught. Quails are very sensitive to cold air, which causes rapid productivity drop and rise of mortality cases. The presence of a draught can be manifested by feather drop, sometimes even by a complete loss of feather. As for necessity of windows in the quail facilities there are no special requirements, though experts recommend keeping the poultry in facilities without windows, equipped with artificial lighting.